Have you seen the Summer 2020 issue of the Cedar Valley Home & Garden Magazine?

If so, then you might have read an article on solar power that featured none other than a Rabe Hardware solar system. The system was installed last Fall for a customer in Waterloo, IA with an objective to get as close to “Net-zero” as possible.

The homeowner already had a Rabe Hardware geothermal system installed several years prior which handles the entire homes heating and cooling needs. Geothermal, also known as ground source heat pumps, are the most efficient HVAC systems available and they only run on electricity – this is a key factor to achieving net-zero.

Think about this! Here in Iowa, heating and cooling makes up the largest portion of a buildings energy profile and in most cases, it costs the most too. That’s why it makes sense to pair solar with geothermal. Solar produces clean, renewable electricity at little to no cost which can then be used to power everything in your home, including your geothermal system.

We think that’s a win-win for the environment and your pocketbook!

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read more about our featured solar project in the Cedar Valley Home & Garden Magazine. Just click the following link.

Read the full article here!



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