Residential & Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality is vitally essential to the health and quality of life for you and your family. The experienced professionals of Rabe Hardware understand the importance of clean air, clean heating and cooling systems, and how they are interconnected. We make it a priority to find the best, safest solutions and products to keep the air in your home safe, clean, and comfortable.

What Air Quality Product is Right for You?


Adding humidity to hot, dry air not only helps the air to retain warm or cool temperatures longer, which saves you money on energy expenditure, it also reduces instances of dry skin and static. Keep your home, your skin, and your wallet comfortable!


Removing moisture from sticky, heavy, and humid indoor air makes the air feel cooler, makes it easier to breathe, and also minimizes the potential for mold and other pollutants to grow. Let us help you balance the humidity in your home to keep you safe and comfortable.

Germicidal Lights

Powered by high-intensity ultraviolet light, germicidal light products dramatically reduce concentrations of microorganisms such as mildew, bacteria, and mold within your home or business. Zap out hazards easily and effectively!


If you live or work in a tightly sealed area with little to no air flow, ventilation systems are the perfect solution to replace stale, contaminated indoor air with fresh, outside air to keep you comfortable.


By attaching to your furnace or air handler, filtration systems are used to combat indoor pollution by capturing allergy-aggravating particles like pollen, mold, and pet dander. Keep your symptoms at bay and start living comfortably in your own home.


Purification systems remove and destroy contaminants from the air before recirculating it into the home. Air contamination is a problem, but Rabe Hardware can help you find the perfect resolution to the issue with our state-of-the-art purification systems.

Manufacturer Information

Here at Rabe Hardware, we are committed to providing products and services that exceed your expectations. As Eastern Iowa’s most trusted HVAC company, we are intent on providing top quality products that we feel confident will serve you for many years. That is why we’ve partnered with Lennox, an award-winning brand that offers heating, cooling and indoor air quality products that are exceptionally quiet, energy efficient and backed by a comprehensive warranty.

To learn more, use our drop-down list to download brand literature or contact one of our friendly sales associates who would be happy to help answer any of your questions.

Use the dropdown list to download helpful information from your manufacturer.

Tax Credits

26% Federal Tax Credit | 11% Iowa State Tax Credit

Tax credits are for systems placed in service before 1/1/2023 and do not have to be installed at the taxpayer’s principal residence.

Flexible Financing

We offer flexible financing options to meet your needs and budget.

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Rebates & Special Offers

Make your HVAC upgrades even more affordable when you take advantage of seasonal promotions and product rebates.


Maintenance Plan

Regular maintenance improves the performance and longevity of HVAC equipment and systems. And, while some equipment problems cannot be prevented, proper maintenance can prevent problems before they become costly failures. With membership in the Rabe Hardware Preventative Maintenance Program, you will receive our unmatched precision tune-up and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your heating and cooling system has been tested for safety, efficiency, and proper operation.

3pt Promises

A Guarantee You Can Count On!

Providing a high level of customer service is at the core of everything we do here at Rabe Hardware and it starts with our 3 Point Promise, a company wide commitment to three core values – Honesty, Integrity and Reliability. Each one of these values define us as individuals and have become a company model that has built our reputation. If honesty, integrity and reliability are what you’re looking for – look no further.



This vicious storm passed through Iowa. Our house lost power. By the fourth day, every place I called had me looking at at least a week’s wait time for electricians to hook the meter back to the house. As I was sitting on our deck, I saw a Rabe Hardware truck drive by. Called them, and within an hour got a callback. They were just a few minutes away. Hours later, the job was done, and that night we had power again. Big shoutout to Rabe, I really appreciated the fast service.

Steven Perez

We would like to thank every person at Rabe Hardware for the pleasant and professional work we received in the installation of heating, plumbing, and electrical contracting. We constructed a new home in 2005, after visiting with Jake Rabe. We took his suggestion and installed a geothermal unit. It surpassed all expectations, both in comfort and operating cost. The help with electrical and plumbing installation was great. The products are quality, the staff is superb, and the service exceptional. It was a very good experience.

Denny & Wendy

My wife and I started investigating the potential for a house solar system in late April. Jake and Rabe Hardware was one of several providers that we contacted for consideration. By far, they were the most responsive of all the companies we considered. They came to the house, got us educated, and provided a quote before most others even got back to us.

The Rabe price was the most competitive and provided the best solution, with high-quality components. Their team had our system (30 panels) installed in 4 hours while working with/around our roofer, who was finishing the installation of a new metal roof! They submitted and completed all of the paperwork and we are off and running!

Please consider Rabe first if you want a reliable, cost-effective solar solution done right!

Scott Wagner

This is the first time I have used Rabe Hardware. Allen and Josh installed a gas insert fireplace in my home yesterday. I could not have been happier. They were professional, polite, and most importantly, knowledgeable. I was so impressed that I will use them exclusively in the future.

Word of mouth is the best advertising which is how I came to find out about Rabe Hardware and is why I am writing this review. I promise you will not be disappointed using them.

Steve Bagenstos

My wife and I moved to Shellsburg, Iowa, this past summer. The home we purchased had solar panels that we knew nothing about. One of Rabe Hardware’s representatives stopped by not long after we moved in, as our panels were offline. He had us up and running in no time at all. He got us set up with the online app and gave a quick and easy tutorial.

Then, just days later, we found ourselves in the same situation as many in our area due to Hurricane Derecho. Jake Rabe and his team responded before anyone else! They laid out what needed to be done and completed it with the same speed and excellence as before.I am so impressed with this company, from the owner to all his team members.

Walter Malone



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