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    “Our goal today is the same as it was 40 years ago—to provide products and services that exceed expectations and to do it with honesty, integrity and reliability.”

    - Jake Rabe

    BBB Accredited Business

    Iowa’s Most Trusted Service Company

    Rabe Hardware is a family owned and locally operated full service mechanical contractor serving residential and commercial customers in Eastern Iowa since 1979. What started as a small-town hardware store and heating shop in Blairstown, Iowa, has since grown into one of Eastern Iowa’s most trusted service companies specializing in solar, geothermal, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fireplace products and services. With decades of experience, our professionally trained technicians and installers have the expertise and knowledge to get the tough jobs done—and done right!

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    BBB Accredited Business


    This vicious storm passed through Iowa. Our house lost power. By the fourth day, every place I called had me looking at at least a week’s wait time for electricians to hook the meter back to the house. As I was sitting on our deck, I saw a Rabe Hardware truck drive by. Called them, and within an hour got a callback. They were just a few minutes away. Hours later, the job was done, and that night we had power again. Big shoutout to Rabe, I really appreciated the fast service.

    Steven Perez

    We would like to thank every person at Rabe Hardware for the pleasant and professional work we received in the installation of heating, plumbing, and electrical contracting. We constructed a new home in 2005, after visiting with Jake Rabe. We took his suggestion and installed a geothermal unit. It surpassed all expectations, both in comfort and operating cost. The help with electrical and plumbing installation was great. The products are quality, the staff is superb, and the service exceptional. It was a very good experience.

    Denny & Wendy

    My wife and I started investigating the potential for a house solar system in late April. Jake and Rabe Hardware was one of several providers that we contacted for consideration. By far, they were the most responsive of all the companies we considered. They came to the house, got us educated, and provided a quote before most others even got back to us.

    The Rabe price was the most competitive and provided the best solution, with high-quality components. Their team had our system (30 panels) installed in 4 hours while working with/around our roofer, who was finishing the installation of a new metal roof! They submitted and completed all of the paperwork and we are off and running!

    Please consider Rabe first if you want a reliable, cost-effective solar solution done right!

    Scott Wagner

    This is the first time I have used Rabe Hardware. Allen and Josh installed a gas insert fireplace in my home yesterday. I could not have been happier. They were professional, polite, and most importantly, knowledgeable. I was so impressed that I will use them exclusively in the future.

    Word of mouth is the best advertising which is how I came to find out about Rabe Hardware and is why I am writing this review. I promise you will not be disappointed using them.

    Steve Bagenstos

    My wife and I moved to Shellsburg, Iowa, this past summer. The home we purchased had solar panels that we knew nothing about. One of Rabe Hardware’s representatives stopped by not long after we moved in, as our panels were offline. He had us up and running in no time at all. He got us set up with the online app and gave a quick and easy tutorial.

    Then, just days later, we found ourselves in the same situation as many in our area due to Hurricane Derecho. Jake Rabe and his team responded before anyone else! They laid out what needed to be done and completed it with the same speed and excellence as before.I am so impressed with this company, from the owner to all his team members.

    Walter Malone

    When You Need HVAC Service and Repair Help

    Owning a high-quality HVAC system, itr is important to keep it in great shape to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. For instance, quality HVAC service and repair can keep this type of unit running properly and avoid operational issues for years to come. Fully understanding this type of service is a wise choice for many business owners in Cedar Rapids, especially knowing when to call a professional of this type. Getting work like this should be done on a reasonable schedule and should only be done when necessary for a building.

    When a Year Has Passed Since Your Last Call

    Most of the time, your HVAC system is going to be strong enough to withstand most types of wear and tear for an extended amount of time. However, your unit is not designed to handle an infinite amount of time and needs to be repaired or inspected occasionally.

    Most HVAC service and repair professionals – including us – suggest that you schedule an update of your unit at least once a year to get the best results out of its operation and its unique high-quality treatment methods for your home or business.

    This minimum inspection schedule is usually the easiest type for most homeowners and is the least expensive. Instead of scheduling for monthly inspections, a yearly one checks the basic operation of your system and provides a myriad of different repair options that keep it operating.

    This type of basic maintenance is something that some homeowners may be able to handle, such as replacing air filters, but is usually best handled by a professional who fully understands the operational methods involved.

    However, if your unit is new and is operating pretty smoothly, it is usually easy to go at least two years without an inspection. That all depends on what your HVAC service and repair professionals say after each inspection.

    Sometimes, they may schedule you for that type of far-reaching inspection appointment. More often, though, they are likely to come to you at least once a year. If you can handle air filter replacement and other steps, there’s a good chance you won’t have to call nearly as much as you would if you just let them handle it.

    Maintenance Gives You the Heebee-Jeebees

    While you can handle some issues on your own, it is usually safer and easier to let HVAC service and repair professionals take care of it for you.

    For example, if you have inspected your air filter and you find that it is quite dirty, you may want to call experts to replace it or clean it. If you are uncertain about whether or not it needs to be replaced or if it can be cleaned, it is especially important to contact professionals because they can handle this process for you more easily.

    What about other steps, like filling the Freon in your system if you start noticing your home isn’t as cool as normal? Again, some homeowners can handle this step if they rent the equipment and feel comfortable handling this process.

    Typically, though, it is best to get a professional to handle it for you because they can make sure that you get the Freon in properly. And they are usually just about the same cost as hiring equipment and buying Freon to do it yourself instead.

    A high-quality HVAC service and repair crew will then come to your home and provide the kind of high-quality repair steps needed to keep your system operating smoothly. Maintenance of this type may be necessary at least once every 90 days or so, depending on your system and its operation.

    Talk to your maintenance professionals to learn more about the schedule that they want you to follow. They can then set up recurring appointments that will keep your unit operating efficiently for years to come.

    Operational Problems are Apparent

    Lastly, it is critical to call HVAC service and repair experts if you believe your unit is operating inefficiently or lacks the kind of high-quality operation necessary for your needs. Typically, you should be pretty aware of when your system isn’t working effectively.

    If you find that it doesn’t cool or heat your home properly or if the system doesn’t blow steady air, then it is time to call a professional to come to your building and see what is wrong with your system and why it is operating poorly.

    Just as importantly, you need to call these professionals if you notice any problems with your thermostat. This part of your unit is designed to control your heating and cooling needs and turns on your system when it gets too hot or too cold.

    Some thermostats run on batteries that need to be replaced regularly, which is something you can do yourself. Other units, though, have more integrated thermostats that may mess up and cause your home to be far too hot or far too cold.

    Typically, HVAC professionals have emergency services help if you need it, which is designed to figure out what is wrong with your system and get it operating if you’re struggling with any problems. HVAC service and repair of this type is often available on a 24/7 basis, keeping you safe. For example, if your heating gives out in the winter and you are worried about your family’s health, you would want same-day service to preempt danger.

    What We Can Do to Help

    If you think the time is right for HVAC service and repair in Cedar Rapids IA, and you want to make sure you get it done right, please make sure to contact us today at Rabe Hardware right away to learn more. Our professionals have been carefully trained to handle the needs of your home or business and will do whatever it takes to get your system running smoothly again.



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