Iowa Bank Saves $178K on Solar Investment: A Case Study

Iowa Regional Bank Saves $178k on Solar Power: A USDA REAP Grant Story Bridge Community Bank, a regional bank serving three Eastern Iowa locations, partnered with Rabe Hardware to help achieve their financial and environmental goals with a Rabe Solar System. The bank saved over $178,800 on installation costs and anticipates a 4-5 year payback […]

USDA REAP Grants for Iowa Solar Projects

As a company operating in rural Iowa, the heart of farm country, we are always looking for opportunities that help our farmer friends and neighbors in the ag industry save money, combat rising electric rates and create greater business predictability.  That is why we are on a mission to let every Iowa farmer and rural […]

What Are Tax Credits Anyways?

What’s so exciting about tax credits? How are they different from tax deductions? Tax Credits are awesome!  I mean, who doesn’t like getting a good deal or the opportunity to take advantage of free money?  Essentially, that’s what tax credits are – free money – money that is subtracted from the amount you owe in […]



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