The new built-in SoftPaw wire management channel, which was unveiled earlier this year, has been receiving rave reviews from our solar customers and installers. The SoftPaw wire management system replaces all previous wire management devices in the array and is now available on all Rabe Hardware VSUN 410, 450, and 500W solar panels.


How it works:

The SoftPaw wire management channel is integrated into a solar panel’s frame that is used to secure, protect, and hide wires within the array. As part of the frame’s aluminum extrusion, it eliminates compatibility and long-term degradation issues typically associated with wire management devices and is everywhere it might be needed instead of at discrete locations. Since it is part of the solar panel, it will last the life of the panel.


Why all the buzz?

SoftPaw offers a more attractive solar installation with less planning, a speedier installation, and a more dependable, long-term solution to manage the different wires required on most solar projects. Conner, one of our knowledgeable solar installers here at Rabe Hardware, best captures it.

He said, “SoftPaw should be on every module.”, and “Why has it taken so long [for module integrated wire management] to happen?”.


Advantages of SoftPaw:

  1. Increased Aesthetics
    Tucking the module leads into the SoftPaw channel, causes them to disappear behind the frame, providing an unparalleled clean finish throughout the array.
  2. Less Preplanning
    Prior to SoftPaw, all home run cables, and optimizer wires were zip-tied to the rails which involved advanced preparation and took a lot of time. With SoftPaw, all cables can be managed, and the slack removed as each module is installed.
  3. Saves Time and MoneySince the wires are considered inaccessible while inside SoftPaw, they can pass inspection without triggering the guarding requirements of NEC 690.31. Traditional wire management devices tend to fail inspections because of wires loosening between the installation and inspection. Mitch, one of Rabe Hardware’s leading residential installers, said “We pass more rooftop inspections with SoftPaw.” Traditional wire management devices tend to fail inspections because of wires loosening between the installation and inspection. Additionally, the SoftPaw feature can save hundreds of feet in wire loom, zip-ties, wire clips, and several hours of labor; all of which save money.
  4. More Reliable with Less Customer Call Backs
    Using modules with SoftPaw improves the quality of a solar installation. In contrast to zip-ties and cable clips, SoftPaw is not susceptible to weather, galvanic corrosion, and ground faults. Due to its recessed design, there is also very little chance of pests reaching and nibbling on wires.


Rabe Hardware is proud to be one of the top solar installers in Eastern Iowa, and we believe that SoftPaw is one of the characteristics that really sets our solar modules apart from the competition. When it comes to managing solar wires, SoftPaw is simpler, cleaner, better looking, cost-effective, and offers trouble-free service for the life of the system.


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The SoftPaw channel is integral to the PV module’s frame allowing wires to be managed all the way around the module.


SoftPaw allows wires to disappear into the frame providing a clean look to an overhead solar array.


The SoftPaw channel provides an inaccessible wire location that AHJs have ruled eliminates NEC 690.31 guarding requirements.

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