If you’ve traveled through Iowa recently, you probably noticed an increase in the number of solar installations popping up. According to the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association (ISETA), Iowa has more small-scale distributed solar than most Midwest and Plains states. In fact, the number of solar systems installed in Iowa grew 28% from 2017 to 2018; and of that, nearly 6% were commercial installations.

Once thought of as too expensive for a small to medium sized business, solar is now widely recognized as a solid business investment and strategic business decision. Commercial solar systems provide steady financial returns and more business predictability. And with little to no upfront capital, businesses that install a solar system see immediate savings on monthly operating costs and hedge against future electricity rate hikes.

In addition to the financial benefits, solar energy provides clean, safe and reliable power that decreases carbon emissions and reduces demand on fossil fuels. Plus, it’s a great way for businesses to showcase their commitment to environmental stewardship and community goodwill.

Here at Rabe Hardware, we’ve had the pleasure of helping many businesses, schools and public organizations get the greatest return on their solar investment. In a recent interview with Joel Thys, owner of Thys Auto Group, he reveals the reasons why it made sense to couple solar with two new construction, dealership infrastructure investments.

“Our highest bill was $2,300 per month in the Winter which averaged out to about $1,200 year round; and it is literally $20 a month. It’s just amazing!”

– Joel Thys, Owner of Thys Auto Group

Rabe Hardware is a leading provider of high performance, commercial solar solutions. We take the time to carefully evaluate each company’s unique energy needs and design a custom solar array that can meet those needs as well as maximize return on investment. From start to finish, our solar experts will make the entire process easy and hassle free.

Benefits of a Rabe Solar System

  • No money down, low interest financing
  • 25 year Panel Warranty
  • 12 year Inverter Warranty
  • 5 year Rabe Part’s & Labor warranty
  • Licensed & certified electricians
  • No batteries necessary

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