Water-to-water heat pumps, heat and cool water for hydronic radiant applications like: radiant floor heating, domestic hot water and snow/ice melt.  GeoComfort® Compass® Series Water-to-Water geothermal systems allow for constant and uniform heat distribution
without hot and cold spots.

Here’s a list of features and benefits per Enertech Global’s product literature.  Enertech Global manufactures’ GeoComfort geothermal heat pumps for residential and commercial applications.

GeoComfort® Water-to-Water Features & Benefits


  • Innovative mechanical design increases this unit’s life expectancy, increases your home’s air comfort and produces extremely high cooling efficiencies and some of the highest heating capacities on the market today
  • This exceptional heat pump is housed in a dramatic champagne colored appliance-grade cabinet. Embossed doors are an example of our unparalleled attention to detail.
  • The service friendly design simplifies installation and allows the dealer easier access to your system in order to keep it operating at peak efficiency


  • GeoComfort hydronic systems can be used in various applications other than space conditioning including domestic hot water, pool and spa heating, and snow/ice melt


  • GeoComfort Compass Series water-to-water units are up to 400% efficient. For every one unit of energy that is put in, the geothermal system collects three free units from the earth.


  • Warm floors for comfortable feet, all year long
  • Radiating warmth
  • Zoning options allow you to independently control the temperature in each part of your house

Water-to-Water Heat Pump

GeoComfort® Compass® Series Water-to-Water units are also reversible and capable of providing chilled water for air conditioning.

Source: Enertech Global; Product Literature, GeoComfort “Compass® Series Water-to-Water Unit”, Rev: 06 Mar 2012-B.



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