As well as having an annual furnace maintenance check, there is some regular maintenance that you can do yourself to ensure your furnace stays in good working order.


Replace air filters

This is probably the most important do-it-yourself item that will keep your furnace operating efficiently and ensure the air circulating through your home is clean. Plus, a dirty filter allows for dirt buildup in the furnace, which can seriously hamper how the whole system works.


Remove items from around the furnace and heating vents

Make sure you remove items from around the furnace area. Also, ensure all the vents in your home are clear of debris, such as piles of laundry, furniture, etc. This is especially important for the air intakes and returns throughout your home.


Check the thermostat

The thermostat is the brain behind your furnace system. It tells the system to turn on and then turn off. So, a lot of perceived problems with your furnace can actually be tracked back to thermostat problems. And, since some thermostats run on battery power, make sure you change the batteries in your wall-mounted thermostat before winter starts.



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