Summer, the season most commonly associated with sunny afternoon backyard parties.  You know – those parties where the “grown-ups” enjoy each other’s company, the kids run around and play in the sprinkler; all while the incredible aroma of tasty burgers and steaks fill the air.  You’ve been there right?  I think it’s safe to say that for most of us we can’t remember a summer without grilling – nor do we want too!

With grills playing such a large role in filling all of our summer memories with sizzle we’ve decided to put together a list of our top picks for 2016 Outdoor Grills.  We’ve included our favorite outdoor grills in three categories; wood pellet, gas and charcoal.


Wood Pellet – Outdoor Grills

Our top choice in the wood pellet category is non-other than the Louisiana Grill.  These work horses offer convenience, durability and the flexibility to cook literally anything.  If you’ve never used a wood pellet grill, you have too!  These electric grills literally start with the push of a button and burn flavored wood pellets.  With this grill you’ll be able to smoke, sear, char-grill, roast, bake, braise, and grill your way to delicious BBQ.  The Louisiana Grill – wood pellet grills come in three sizes – from largest to smallest – the 900, 800 & 700 series.  All are perfect for everyday cooking but the size of your backyard parties will probably determine which grill in the series is right for you.  These grills also include some great features like the digital control panel and a programmable meat probe so all you have to do is “set it and forget it”.  Plus, the porcelain coated cooking racks make clean up a breeze.  * Prices range from $799-$999 (Price does not include accessories.)


Gas – Outdoor Grills

For those grill master’s that prefer to sear and rotisserie cook with the convenience of a gas grill, our top pick is Broil King’s line of gas grills.  Using either natural gas or propane, Broil King has not only style and durability but they also offer a wide range of quality gas grills for just about every budget. Whichever model you choose, you can count on Broil King’s superior performance and attention to every detail.  Plus, Broil King offers a limited lifetime warranty on the casting, 10 year warranty on the burner and a 2 year warranty on parts and paint.   * Prices range from $350-$2,300 (Price does not include accessories.)


Charcoal – Outdoor Grills

Sometimes there’s nothing better than cooking the good ‘ole fashion way – over charcoal.  Forget that charcoal grills can sometimes take a miracle to light or the fact that once lit you have to wait 20 – 30 minutes for the coals to light and burn; there are still some people that swear by charcoal grills.  After all, they are semi portable and you can’t deny the distinct flavor achieved when cooking over charcoal.  For those of you that fit into this category, we’ve got just the grill for you!  Our top pick are the Louisiana Grills’ Ceramic Charcoal Barbecues. These popular grills, most noticeably for their egg shape and ceramic exterior, produce a lot of heat and smoke; perfect for all your grilling and smoking needs.  The ceramic body allows air to flow through the grill and out its vented dome, maintaining a constant and steady burn. You’ll love the style and versatility of these charcoal grills. * Prices range from $300-$900 (Price does not include accessories.)


*Pricing based on suggested retail prices and are only estimates.  Please contact your local dealer or Rabe Hardware for specific pricing information.



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