Residential & Commercial Solar Services

Rabe Hardware is Eastern Iowa’s most trusted solar contractor for providing honest, high quality, residential and commercial solar panel sales and installation. Solar panels can generate enough electricity from the sun to give you energy independence, increase your home or business’s value while reducing your impact on earth.  If you’re near Blairstown or in Eastern Iowa and are ready to invest in solar power with a new solar panel installation, call Rabe Hardware to help you every step of the way!


Saving With Solar Is Easy As 1..2..3…

Rabe Solar Easy As 1, 2, 3


Professional Consultation 

A Rabe Hardware Solar professional will schedule an appointment to come to your home or business to make sure solar is the right solution for you.  We’ll perform a site assessment to determine feasibility of solar and discuss all available financing options.

Rabe Solar Easy As 1, 2, 3


Design & Installation 

A Rabe Hardware Solar experts will design a custom solar power system for your home or business designed to produce enough electricity for your needs.  Once the design has been approved by you, Rabe Hardware will obtain all the necessary permits and complete the installation.

Rabe Solar Easy As 1, 2, 3


Monthly Electric Bill Savings 

Sit back and immediately start producing your own electricity. Solar will dramatically reduce your operating costs by protecting your home or business from ever-increasing energy rates, all while decreasing your carbon footprint.




With tax credits up to 33% and a 25 Year Power Production Guarantee on most new systems, there has never been a better time to install Solar Panels and drastically lower your electric bill!



Here at Rabe Hardware, we are passionate about providing the best in solar panels and first class Solar Power Installation Services for Eastern Iowa homeowners and businesses.

Solar FAQ's

Your current monthly energy use and the size of your system will determine your actual savings amount. How much you save depends on a number of factors such as; daily hours of direct sunlight, system size, performance, your average energy usage as well as any applicable solar credits, tax incentives, and current solar energy buyback (net metering) rates offered by your utility company.

The recommended size of your system depends on your energy usage, the available area to install solar panels and on how much electricity you intend to produce. System design and production estimates can easily be calculated by one of our solar experts during a free site assessment.

The superior design of solar panels makes them highly durable. Lack of moving parts is one reason why solar panels are very durable. Carefully designed for exterior use, solar panels are able to withstand wide ranges of temperatures, weather conditions, and outside factors. They are rigorously tested to stay strong against tree limbs, hail traveling at 50 mph and more.

If your solar panels become covered after a snowstorm, don’t panic. Typically snow covered solar panels ‘self-clear’ quite well on the next sunny day. On an annual basis, the amount of energy production loss due to snow is fairly minor.

As a safety precaution, inverters and panels automatically power down during a grid outage to protect utility line workers. When power is restored through the grid lines, your solar system will automatically power on.

Solar installations can help reduce or nearly eliminate your electricity bill however, utility grid-tied installations will always maintain a base monthly meter fee for interconnection service. Avoiding meter fees and eliminating your utility bill all together is achievable with an off-grid solar system that incorporates battery energy storage.

While the idea of cutting ties with the electric company may seem romantic, in reality, it is anything but practical except for very specific cases (generally when utility power is not available and prohibitively expensive to install).

Typically, utility grid-tied solar installations have the greatest financial return and can benefit from net metering, a billing mechanism which allows solar producers to earn credit from the utility for excess solar production to apply for future use when the sun’s not shining.

Typically, damage to your solar equipment should be covered by your property insurance policy. However, it’s wise to advise your insurance agent of your solar installation and review your policy’s coverage in case a special endorsement is needed.

Federal and state tax credits are currently available for homeowners and businesses to promote energy efficiency, encourage the use of renewable energy sources, and support efforts to conserve energy and lessen pollution.

Iowa offers a tax credit equal to 50% of the federal solar tax credit of 26%. Both can be claimed on your yearly tax returns for after a solar installation was completed on your home. Individuals and businesses are eligible for a state tax credit up to a maximum of $5,000. Any excess credit (i.e., if your credit reduces your tax burden below $0) may be carried over for up to ten years.

New solar owners in Iowa must apply online by May 1st of the year after installation. Each year, the state has a $5 million cap for all tax credits, but timely applications will be put on a waiting list for the next year’s limit. Once your application is approved, a tax credit certificate will be mailed to you.

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance since there are no moving parts. A few times a year, the panels should be inspected for any dirt or debris and connections checked. Always make sure you are safety conscious when inspecting panels and don’t take any needless risks!

Call Rabe Hardware for annual or corrective maintenance as required.

The best way to assure your project is performing at its best is through a solar panel monitoring system. Monitoring systems provide data on the electrical output of your solar system. You can track this data over time to calculate degradation of your panels. Monitoring systems also provide a notification if there is a malfunction or damage.

All Rabe Hardware solar installations are outfitted with live monitoring that gives real-time output, accessible from any web-enabled device so you can make sure your panels are always producing and performing at maximum capacity.

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Our Service Area

Rabe Hardware is based in Blairstown and Vinton, IA but we serve customers across the entire Eastern Iowa area.  Whether you’re looking for an emergency repair or just need to order a furnace filter, Rabe Hardware’s same day service will get you taken care of.

Our Eastern Iowa service area includes: Blairstown, Vinton, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Cedar Falls, Waterloo and the surrounding areas.