Radiant In-floor Heating Design & Installation Services

Radiant In-floor (under floor heating) is a form of central heating which achieves indoor climate control primarily through thermal conduction and thermal radiation, rather than convection.  Heat is concentrated in the floor by embedded tubing in a concrete foundation, a thin concrete mixture on top of a wood-framed floor or an under floor installation.  Heated water flows through tubing, warming the thermal mass of concrete or wood.  This heat in the floor will gently warm a room or a complete structure and will provide consistent heating levels and superior comfort without wasting energy and money in monthly fuel bills.  Radiant In-floor is compatible with oil-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, wood stoves, heat pumps and solar collectors.

Radiant is compatible under any type of floor covering — carpet, wood, slate, tile, linoleum, and even concrete — making design possibilities endless.  Additionally, a radiant heating system works in zones, allowing different areas of a home to heat at different temperatures.  Rabe Hardware has nearly 2 decades of experience designing and installing Radiant In-floor.  We are committed to bringing you a superior level of comfort and service with our strong dedication to our 3 Point Promise.  For more information, contact your home comfort headquarters – Rabe Hardware!

Benefits of Radiant In-floor Heating

  • Concentrates heat evenly near the floor, reducing cold spots.
  • Eliminates cold drafts as well as noisy fans, furnaces and ductwork.
  • Reduces dirt, dust or other airborne pollutants from circulating through the air.
  • Concealed under the floor for a more aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Easily integrates with alternative energy sources, including geothermal, solar, waste and biomass.
  • Potentially saves up to 40% in energy costs.
  • Can be used to melt snow and ice off sidewalks and driveways.

Our Service Area

Rabe Hardware is based in Blairstown and Vinton, IA but we serve customers across the entire Eastern Iowa area.  Whether you’re looking for an emergency repair or just need to order a furnace filter, Rabe Hardware’s same day service will get you taken care of.

Our Eastern Iowa service area includes: Blairstown, Vinton, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Cedar Falls, Waterloo and the surrounding areas.