Heating systems are the most important part of your home or business. It keeps you warm throughout the winter, even when the temperature dips far below the freezing mark. So, when you have a new furnace installed, it’s vital that you choose a brand and service company you can trust.  Whether you need to replace your furnace or would just like to know what types of furnaces are available, the pro’s at Rabe Hardware have the knowledge and expertise to provide you the options that will best fit your needs and budget.  For more information, contact your home comfort headquarters – Rabe Hardware!


Lennox Furnace


A gas or oil furnace by Lennox offers maximize comfort, while minimizing sound levels and energy costs. Quality components inside and out give you the assurance of long-lasting performance.


St Croix Multi-fuel Furnace
Multi-Fuel Furnace

A multi-fuel furnace can supplement your current source of heat, while being cost-effective and reliable. The furnace uses wood pellets for self-ignition and then runs on any of six natural fuels using its second hopper. A self-cleaning feature cycles every two hours without the need for a shutdown—leaving you with a convenient and efficient source of heat.



Lennox Duct Furnace
Duct Furnace

Lennox duct furnaces are specifically designed for applications that require duct systems.  Their advanced engineering and high-quality components enhance performance and reliability while providing 80% thermal efficiency.



Lennox Unit Heaters
Unit Heater

Lennox unit heaters are designed for a wide range of residential and commercial heating applications.  These reliable heaters are available for natural gas or propane.  Experience improved comfort and up to 82% thermal efficiency.



Reznor Tubular Heaters
Tubular Radiant Heater

Tubular radiant heaters are engineered to provide quiet, reliable, energy-efficient, comfort level heating for both spot and space applications.  All sizes are available for use with natural gas or optional propane gas.